If a play opens in a theater but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Every show needs an audience. But an audience doesn't just come. You have to entice them. You have to captivate them. You have to convince them so fully that nothing will keep them from those theater seats. Overwhelmed? We're not.

We are The Pekoe Group. We are a full-service boutique marketing and advertising agency offering our creative ingenuity to you. Our team has the dedication and resources to deliver a comprehensive marketing plan unique to your project's individual needs. Recognized by BNET and Fast Company's Innovation Agents, here at The Pekoe Group we hold a high standard of excellence and have the passion and skill to uphold it. Learn more »

Our Services Include:

• Media Planning & Design: Print, Outdoor, TV, Radio, Online • Logo Design • Website Design • Video Production & Editing • Grassroots Marketing • Promotional Partnerships • Street Team Campaigns • Barter Advertising • Talkbacks • Opening Night Parties & Events • Social Media & Google Campaign Management • Promotional Appearances • Copywriting

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