The Five Theater Marketing Must-Haves

Through our work on countless shows, we have found what really works when it comes to marketing for theater. We’ve learned first hand that it is not enough to just catch the attention of your target audience. (Although, that is definitely important!) What really matters is keeping their attention and turning them into a happy ticket buyer, sitting before the stage, waiting for the curtain to rise. The Pekoe Group is happy to share our list of the absolute necessities to successfully market your show – and while they all sound like no-brainers, you’d be surprised how many promotions we see out there without these items!

The Five Theater Marketing Must-Haves

1. Show Logo: Give your show a look. Logo design creates a unique identity for your project and catches the eye of your audience. Don’t get lost. Stand out in the crowd. Make a visual statement about your project so people will know who you are with just one look.

2. Blurb and Tagline: Why beat around the bush? Just tell your audience why your show is great. A blurb is your moment to grab their attention, tell them about your show, and convince them that your story is worth hearing. And with the help of your tagline, they will walk away with one sentence to remind them of their peaked interest.

3. Ticketing Information: They’ve seen your logo and read your copy and now they can’t wait to see your show! But wait, where do you buy tickets? How do you…oh, nevermind, they are over it. Make it easy for them. If you don’t tell your audience how to get tickets to your show, they may not put in the extra effort. Don’t let all your work to get their attention go to waste. Get them in the seats!

4. Website: Give your show a home base. Allow your audience a way to find you again and learn more at their convenience.

5. Call to action: A website without a Call to Action is just a poster on a computer that moves. But if you have a place for your audience to click and move into a transaction, then your website is a place of business.

Now you have the tips you need to help you find your audience. Happy marketing!