Beyond The Commercial: The 5 Content Videos You Need To Make

Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s working wonders for the Broadway star. Sure, live theatre is all about being in the moment, but video gets people in the audience.

Today, video is far more than simply broadcast. It’s used on websites, social channels, digital ads, emails, and more, becoming a major sales tool that allows a connection with the audience like never before. One third of millennials say they buy products as a result of watching videos online, and as millennials do, other generations follow. Plus, on Facebook, where the large majority of ticket buyers are active, native videos (uploaded directly to the platform) are favored.

There is more to video than just the standard TV spot. Here are the five content videos your show should be making:

1. The Teaser

The Goal: This pre-opening spot announces your show and gets audiences buzzing!

When & Where: Share everywhere as soon as you’ve announced: eblasts, TV, social media (paid and organic), and website.

The Specs:

  • :15-seconds is your most versatile option, although can be :30-:60-seconds
  • Include all your key benefits. Is Bette Midler starring? Mention it. Do you have AMAZING music? Play it. Is it based on a movie people love? Tell us! Have awesome quotes from a previous run? Use them. This is your announcement, so sell it. Never forget the important deets: show name, dates, website, and the most important, how to buy tickets.

A teaser that got us buzzing….

Hello, Dolly! on Broadway

2. The Sneak Peek

The Goal: This exclusive look at a photoshoot/press event/song release acts as both an educational tool and a excitement-building piece of content.

When & Where: Share this everywhere once the event it features has happened.

The Specs:

  • :60-:90 seconds
  • Again, look for those key selling points: show your cast, share a song, show the ah-mah-zing costumes, and/or include a director, writer, or actors giving a bit more insight to the show. Keep those important deets intact: show name, dates, website, and how to buy tickets.

A first look that had us doing a double take…

On the Town

3. The Thank You

The Goal: Turn audience members into loyal brand advocates by continuing the conversation after they’ve left the theatre. This video offers an exclusive piece of content for those who’ve seen the show and encourages them to follow on social, write a review, and come back!

When & Where: This will be sent via email one week after the ticket buyer has seen the show.

The Specs:

  • :30 seconds
  • Keep it simple with your cast directly saying “thanks” to the audience, and always include how to buy tickets.

A thank you that had US saying thank you…

Murder for Two

4. The Audience Testimonial

The Goal: Capture word-of-mouth to let audiences who have already seen the show inspire new audiences to get tickets.

When & Where: This will ideally hit on or just before opening night and should be shared everywhere.

The Specs:

  • :60-:90 seconds
  • Look for a diverse audience so that you can reach as many ticket buyer as possible, and always include how to buy tickets.

An audience testimonial that had us giving praise…

Something Rotten!

5. The Sizzle

The Goal: A post-opening video to share how unbelievably awesome the show is, reminding audiences that they have to see it (or see it again).

When & Where: Share everywhere right after opening, once the reviews come out.

The Specs:

  • :30-seconds – 2 minutes
  • Include all of your best new quotes, b-roll footage of your brilliant cast and spectacular stage, and use music (from the show if you can) that captures the feeling that audiences will have when they see the show. As always, include the important details, like how to buy tickets.

A sizzle that we found to be particularly hot…

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Remember, these are just the must-haves. Keep making videos beyond these five: we guarantee, your audience is watching!