I Forgive You Ronald Reagan Opens on Theatre Row!

I Forgive You Ronald Reagan was cleared for takeoff this week when it officially opened on Theatre Row. The story is captivating and inherently human: a family dealing with the aftereffects of a political gamble they lost decades ago. It is a glimpse into a moment in American history we thought we knew.

PJ Benjamin gives a gripping performance as Ray Deluso, a former air traffic controller who was one of the thousands fired by Ronald Reagan in 1981. His inability to let go of the past is the driving force behind the unfolding turbulence with his former best friend (Robert Emmet Lunney), his daughter (Danielle Faitelson), and most notably his wife (Home Improvement’s Patricia Richardson).

CurtainUp praised the performance and playwright saying, “Anastasi’s new play is notable for its strong heartbeat and its considerable lung power.” The opening night audience couldn’t have agreed more. Drawn in by the incredible set design, engaging language, and heartfelt relationships, the audience arrived at their destinations safely and happily: applauding this triumph of theater.