Happy Birthday to Betty, Colleen, & Milena!

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots… We’d like to propose a toast! So grab your Sauvignon Blanc, champagne, or lick some salt and throw back a shot of Patron, ‘cause it’s time to celebrate our girls.

The week’s festivities started when we popped a couple bottles to celebrate two of our fabulous social media ladies, Colleen and Betty! Born on the same day (whaaaat?!), these two digital dreamboats can really tweet you under the table.

But wait, hold on to your hats, kids. Our birthday chicas number not two, but three! Back at the TPG bar, where everybody knows your name, we celebrated the special day of the brilliant and beautiful developer, Milena!

Remember, don’t drink and code. Cheers!

Happy Birthday Betty, Colleen, and Milena!