Staff Spotlight: Jacqueline Muñoz

The first rule of improv comedy is to always say, “Yes, and…” So, when we tell you to watch the latest staff spotlight about this brilliant unrehearsed art form, you know what to do: say “Yes!” (and…enjoy it!)


The Pekoe Group’s Executive Assistant, Jacqueline Muñoz, takes us deep into the underground scene of improvisational comedy where her team “Guns ‘N Steel” performs long form improv off of a single word suggestion. But it’s not as easy as showing up to a comedy club, grabbing a drink, and jumping on stage. Jacqueline talks about learning the rules, training with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and just how much practice it really takes to wing it like a pro. Watch Jacqueline make it up and make you laugh by clicking HERE!

Jacqueline may not know what’s coming next on stage, but you can be sure about what’s coming your way: more TPG Staff Spotlights!