Stay Cool With TPG’s Summer Hot List

The summer is young and there’s still plenty of time to experience all the exciting things this urban playground has to offer. Here is our list of the coolest things to do under the NYC sun:

1.    Indulge in a Sweet Freedom Sundae

It’s not just the sound that’s sweet! Grab a spoon ’cause NYC’s most delicious treat haven, Serendipity 3, is serving up an Amazing Grace-inspired sundae now through the end of the month. Then catch Amazing Grace on Broadway; performances begin June 25!

2.    Take a Walk on the High Line

Sure, you can hang out in a regular ol’ ground-level park any time, but a park that’s elevated above Manhattan, that’s also built on a historic freight rail line? Now that’s a summer stroll you’ve gotta take! Check out the High Line.

3.    Check Out Shakespeare in the Park

Get your iambic pentameter on. The Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park returns this summer to Central Park with The Tempest & Cymbeline. 

4.    See What’s Happening at Bryant Park

(Photo via Elegran)

Forget about your summer reading list, the cool place to hang out this summer is behind the library. Watch a performance from your favorite Broadway shows at Broadway in Bryant Park or take in a free outdoor movie at the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival.

5.    Row, Row, Row Your Boat… in Central Park

Need a break from the concrete jungle? Hop on the water! Rent a row boat in Central Park or do a little free kayaking at The Downtown Boathouse.

6.    Get Some Sand Between Your Toes

 (Photo: Joan Marcus)

In case you forgot, this big apple is actually an island, which means that many of the subway trains end in a beach: so, get out there and try to catch a wave! Or you can catch one of the final performances of Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait before it ends this weekend, where the stage is literally filled with sand.

7.    Get Soaked in a Waterfight

All’s fair in love and water wars. So, dust off your Super Soaker and head to The Great Lawn in Central Park on July 25 for the ultimate Waterfight.

8.    Take It to the Summer Streets

 (Photo via Kew Management)

The summer is no time to be indoors! Get out and enjoy Summer Streets, an annual celebration for three Saturdays in August where nearly seven miles of New York City streets are open to the public to walk, run, bike, and play!

9.    Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Spend an afternoon among the flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Roses are in full bloom at the Cranford Rose Garden and the newly-expanded Discovery Garden is now open.

10.  Do Some Summer Studying

School may be out for the summer, but you can still learn something. Check out these top city tours to learn more about this wonderful town or check out Churchill playing Off-Broadway before it ends on July 12.