Summer Intern Life Hacks

School is out and the interns are in! In honor of our awesome summer interns, we’ve listed out some of our favorite hacks that are guaranteed to make life in the office – and in NYC – a breeze.

1.     Stay Caffeinated

First things first: you are going to need to stay caffeinated. Sign up for the Cups app and for $120 a month you get unlimited coffee from 100+ independent coffee shops in Manhattan.

2.     Take A Load Off

Have an armful of bags that need to make it from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue? Follow the advice of YouTuber Taras Kul and use a carabiner! Here’s how you do it.

3.     Secret Passageways Are Your Best Friend

(Photo via WNYC)

When you’re trekking through Midtown, take advantage of all the POPS (Publicly Owned Private Spaces). Cut out the pedestrian traffic and use a building “through block” or take a break in a public plaza.

4.     Keep It Clean

(Photos via POPSUGAR & The Huffington Post)

Keep your workspace clean and organized! Use a Post It to de-crumb your keyboard, hang your bag on a giant binder clip, and use bread clips to organize your cords.

5.     Don’t Get Stuck

When you have a few hundred flyers to label, you don’t have time to waste. Rip off half of the backing on the labels to make a row of half-stuck, easily accessible labels!