Summer Office Wear and Tips!

After one of the longest, most brutal winters in recent memory, spring is finally here. We want nothing more than to tuck those bulky sweaters and heavy boots far, far away in the back of our closets and embrace— with the kind of giddy rapture only spring can bring— breezy fabrics and open-toed shoes! Unfortunately, some of us get far too swept up in spring fever and forget that what works for a Saturday picnic in Central Park doesn’t always translate very well into office culture. Check out some of our tips below for beating the heat 9 to 5 while still looking cool, chic and professional.

Keep it classy. Warning: If you could take your outfit straight from work to the beach, you’re making a major faux pas. Spaghetti straps, sheer fabrics and too short-shorts have no business being in an office. It might be hot outside but that’s no excuse for looking unprofessional. A pretty good rule of thumb is that if there’s any doubt in your mind that your outfit might raise eyebrows at work, it’s best to change into something equally sassy but a bit more conservative.

Layers still reign supreme. Yeah, it might be a sweltering 90 degrees outside at 8am but chances are that the air will be blasting in your office and before you know it, you’ll be sitting at your desk, shivering in your sundress. A lightweight cardigan or blazer offers the perfect solution: it’s light enough to schlep around during your commute but it’ll give you just the right  amount of coverage when you’re feeling chilly and, an added bonus, conveniently cover you up when you’re called into an impromptu meeting with a client.

Footwear. Open-toed shoes are fine in most offices these days but do your co-workers a favor and get a pedicure before your expose your tootsies to the rest of the world— no one wants to see your gnarly feet peeking out from a pair of peep-toe pumps. If sandals are your summer shoe of choice, keep them dressy and grown-up— avoid anything that makes you look like you’re en route to the communal showers of a college dorm. 

Kick up your hygiene. Now, we’re not trying to knock your personal grooming habits or anything but it’s no secret that we all feel a bit more gross in the summer heat. Feel like the shower you took in the morning was absolutely futile after waiting on the impossibly humid and sticky subway platform for ten minutes? Keep some travel-sized deodorant stashed in your desk at work. Worried your feet stink after weeks of living in your favorite sandals? Invest in some foot deodorant and carry it in your purse. Trust us— your co-workers won’t miss the funky odors coming from your cubicle.