Surrounded By Marketing: The 360 Degree Campaign

You know how sometimes it feels like a brand is just everywhere?

Maybe you see a poster in the subway for a new pair of jeans; then when you get on the train and open your free Time Out New York, you see an ad for them; then as you scroll through your Facebook news feed, a sponsored ad pops up, starring none other than that dreamy denim. By the time you get an email with a discount offer, it almost feels like fate.


Well, not to discredit fate, but that doesn’t just happen.

Those moments are the result of a strategically planned 360 degree campaign working its magic.

What Is A 360 Degree Campaign?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: A 360 degree campaign covers all angles of a marketing effort across multiple channels as it walks the consumer through every step of the sales funnel journey from discovery to purchase.


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A 360 degree campaign takes an integrated campaign–which combines both online and offline marketing–one step further by considering timing and focusing on cohesive messaging.

If Your Campaign Isn’t Round, It Will Likely Fall Flat

The goal of any campaign is to reach your target audience. Today, people don’t get their info from just one place. People quite literally have access to media at their fingertips, so it is a marketer’s job to serve impressions in all the places that their consumers go for content.

For example, if you have a Broadway show and you want to reach tourists visiting NYC, a single ad in The New York Times probably won’t be your best bet. And a single ad in a tourist publication is not enough to fully sink in. But if you mix that ad in the tourist publication with an outdoor billboard, listings on places like, Google Adwords, flyers at their hotel, etc., now you’ve built a pretty good case for getting noticed.


Awareness is built on multiple impressions, and what better way to guarantee an impression if you are serving the same messaging and branding to the same consumer across all the types of media they consume.

When you take a 360 degree approach, you are betting on your campaign and increasing your odds for a sale.

How To Successfully Craft A 360 Degree Campaign


Step 1: Target Your Audience

Let data empower you to learn about your customer, then let your humanity tell you what to say.

Step 2: Think Like Your Consumer

Don’t just think about who your audience is, think about how they live their lives. Put yourself in their shoes and discover all of the ways you reach them in their day-to-day.

Step 3: It’s All In The Timing

Don’t just plan the types of media you want to use and blast it into the world all at once. Align your timeline with a sales funnel.


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What media will you use to build awareness? What content will spark interest? What moments can you create to inspire a decision? And finally, what tactics will get a consumer to click “buy”?

Step 4: Feel The Synergy

Make sure all the pieces of your campaign are working together. Develop a unified vision, then deliver it through strong, consistent messaging optimized for each platform.

Step 5: Go All In

If you want to get the best results, you’ll need to go at it from all 360 degrees. While the scope of a campaign can at times be limited by budget or timing, your creativity should never be limited. Never hang all of your hopes on just one big piece of advertising. Instead, develop a strategic plan that builds multiple impressions across multiple media platforms over a well thought-out timeline that follows your target consumer’s behavior.