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TPG Celebrates Erin & Jacqueline!

July always starts with a boom. But here at The Pekoe Group, we like to end it that way, too. We’re wrapping up this month with a couple of fireworks of our own: Erin Betman and Jacqueline Muñoz! Erin, who rocks it out every day on the promotions team, celebrated her birthday on the 21st, giving […]

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Happy Birthday to Betty, Colleen, & Milena!

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots… We’d like to propose a toast! So grab your Sauvignon Blanc, champagne, or lick some salt and throw back a shot of Patron, ‘cause it’s time to celebrate our girls. The week’s festivities started when we popped a couple bottles to celebrate two of our fabulous social media ladies, […]

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Happy Birthday to Lizzy, Hannah, Jacqueline, & Mara!

You know a month is fancy when it has three birthstones. Speaking of gems, here are four June-born ladies who add a whole lotta sparkle to the office: I scream, You scream, We all scream for… Lizzy Bryce! Our brilliant Marketing Assistant was born on the 11th, back when June was still spring, so we […]

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