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Arts & Analytics Invites Theatre and Data to the Same Party

When it comes to theatre, word of mouth is gold. But getting the right words in the right mouths – that kind of gold takes a little digging. In other words, you’ve gotta figure out who your audience is, where to find them, and what makes them tick (buying tickets). We’re talking demographics and psychographics. […]

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Pinterest Ups Its Game With Buyable Pins

The future of Pinterest is upon us. Ever find yourself on a pinning binge and discover that certain something you can’t live without? (Who hasn’t, amiright?) However, figuring out how to get that dream item outta your computer and into your arms isn’t always so simple… Or is it? Pinterest has recently announced buyable pins. Pinners […]

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What Don Draper Taught Us About Advertising

As the final episode of Mad Men approaches, we are taking a moment to look back at some of the words of wisdom given to us by Sterling Cooper & Partners’ most intoxicating – and occasionally, most intoxicated – Creative Director. Here are our top five lessons in advertising from the one and only, Don Draper. 1. “Make it […]

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