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Beyond The Commercial: The 5 Content Videos You Need To Make

Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s working wonders for the Broadway star. Sure, live theatre is all about being in the moment, but video gets people in the audience. Today, video is far more than simply broadcast. It’s used on websites, social channels, digital ads, emails, and more, becoming a major sales […]

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Don’t Throw Away Your Shot: 5 Tips for Taking Great iPhone Photos

You’ve seen the ads: “Shot on an iPhone.” Photo: The Inspiration Room It seems simple enough; just whip out your phone and bam! you’re a professional photographer. Well, there’s actually a little more to it than that. Because let’s face it, photos matter. According to Fast Company, content that incorporates visuals receives 94% more views […]

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How To Make Shareable Content That Grabs Attention and Then Keeps It

When it comes to social media, what you share is who you are. For brands, this makes likes, follows, and shares pretty valuable currency. But how do you get them? What makes something “shareable”? Shareable content has essentially two jobs: to grab attention, and then to keep it. We’ve broken it down below with a […]

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