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Happy TPG Anniversary to Erin & Jason!

Do they make a Hallmark card that says, “Thanks for totally rocking it out in the design department and taking our company’s work to the next level”? Because we have the perfect occasion for it… This week we celebrated the anniversaries of two pillars of the TPG design team. Graphic Designer Erin Wilson, who could […]

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Designers’ Ego: Controlling Your Art Online

All designers have an ego. Maybe it comes from seeing your work flash by on a subway or hoisted 20 stories up in Times Square, but whatever the cause, it’s not changing anytime soon. And whether it’s a healthy dose or a little over-inflated, our egos generally don’t appreciate it when people mess with our […]

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Mashable Presents: 10 Creative Uses of the New Facebook Profile

The new Facebook layout has sparked a new wave of creativity on individual’s and company’s Facebook pages alike. Several versions of this article have popped up on Mashable since Facebook revealed their new profile pages last December. Each time we are impressed by the outstanding creativity some people have with their personal profile pages. With the new […]

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