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Write Your Own Adventure: Why Blogs Are Good For Business

Let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room… Is blogging dead? Every month, 409 million people view over 21.5 billion pages on WordPress alone. According to WorldOMeters, 3.1 million blogs (and rapidly counting) have been posted just today. So it’s pretty safe to say that blogging is alive and well. On the This Is […]

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The Key To Keywords: Unlocking SEO and Google AdWords Success

If you want your website to reach your target audience, you’ve got to speak their language. That means finding those exact phrases and words that help users key into your brand. We’re talking about keywords. What exactly is a keyword? We’re glad you asked. In the simplest terms, a keyword is the word or phrase […]

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Say Hallelujah For YouTube Promoted Videos

You’ve just created a brand new commercial for your amazing show. Everyone’s going to love it. You can feel it. You’ve poured your soul into this production and now you can show everyone just enough titillating footage to get them running to the box office! You upload it to YouTube and wait for it to […]

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