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Why Tweaking Your Brand Is A Good Thing

Facebook changed their logo last month and everyone lost their minds! …OK, so that’s not exactly what happened. Facebook did update their logo but not too many people noticed. The design shift was so subtle that unless you were glued to social media blogs or happened to be having dinner with Mark Zuckerberg, you likely missed the […]

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The Pekoe Group Gets A Makeover!

Spring is here . . . well, according to the calendar anyway . . . and so with a new season and warm weather just around the corner, we’ve decided to embrace change. The Pekoe Group is ditching the orange and going blue: Froot Loop Bloo to be exact. Sure, most people turn to the ocean […]

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The Five Theater Marketing Must-Haves

Through our work on countless shows, we have found what really works when it comes to marketing for theater. We’ve learned first hand that it is not enough to just catch the attention of your target audience. (Although, that is definitely important!) What really matters is keeping their attention and turning them into a happy […]

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