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Five (Fake) Tech Inventions That Could (Truly) Change Broadway

What tech will dazzle the Great White Way in 2020, and beyond? We’re giving you our best $10-Times-Square-psychic predictions for the five technology breakthroughs that are going to change Broadway…as soon as they’re invented. 1) The Virtual Reality Orchestra You’re milling around the theatre before a show begins and you take a quick peek into […]

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The State of Broadway Part IV: Musicals

Welcome back to the final installment of our deep dive into the last two decades of Broadway history. Our spotlight turns at last to the industry behemoth, the Broadway musical. While the average number of performances has trended downwards over 20 years, the individual results have varied greatly. 30 shows that opened since 1998 have […]

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The State of Broadway Part III: Specials

Now that we’ve covered big Broadway trends and game-changing plays, it’s time to take a look at the Great White Way’s most unique genre: specials. Special productions from the last twenty years have run for an average of around 48 performances (or about two months), but what makes a production a special? Loosely, these productions […]

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Five Non-Profits That Are Making Theatre Better For Everyone

It’s Women’s History Month and after this year’s Oscars, we’ve got two words on our mind: In 2017, New York City authorized a $2 million grant to support diversity in theatre by funding non-profit organizations that foster developmental programs for underrepresented artists. Now, we’re taking a look at how five NYC-based non-profits are creating those opportunities for […]

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Get Your Broadway On This Halloween 🎃

Halloween and theatre are a perfect match. Dramatic lighting? Check. Great snacks? Check. And, most importantly, the costumes! Check, check, and check. Don’t have a costume yet? We have you covered. Keep reading for some of our favorite DIY costumes to wow all your thespian friends: Elphaba from Wicked: She’s so much more than just a witch […]

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Get In The Holiday Spirit With Off-Broadway

How does Off-Broadway celebrate the holidays? You tell us. Actually, why don’t you show us! The Off-Broadway League has started an industry-wide campaign to get a sneak peek inside the holiday happenings backstage and behind-the-scenes of Off-Broadway shows in NYC. So if you’re in your dressing room and you hear some impromptu carol singing, or […]

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Fellowship for Performing Arts Brings C.S. Lewis To New York City

C.S. Lewis is coming to The Big Apple. Fellowship for Performing Arts is setting up shop at The Pearl Theatre from November to February, where they will present four incredible productions. They will bring to life the words of C.S. Lewis (author of The Chronicles of Narnia), as well as delve into the theologian’s own story […]

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Arts & Analytics Invites Theatre and Data to the Same Party

When it comes to theatre, word of mouth is gold. But getting the right words in the right mouths – that kind of gold takes a little digging. In other words, you’ve gotta figure out who your audience is, where to find them, and what makes them tick (buying tickets). We’re talking demographics and psychographics. […]

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Have you ever found out about an amazing show that everyone loved . . . after it closed? Ever gotten so overwhelmed looking for the right ticket price that you just gave up? Wish you could tell everyone when you saw a must-see show? Then you’ve gotta check out There’s a new website in town and […]

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Tail! Spin! Strategy Report: The Election Day Campaign

As an advertising and marketing agency, we love a good campaign. So when Election Day arrived last November while we were working on Tail! Spin!, the hilarious comedy about the sex scandals of our political leaders, we hit the ground running. We capitalized on the fortuitous occasion by creating a strategy that would put our big ideas […]

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