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Summer Office Wear and Tips!

After one of the longest, most brutal winters in recent memory, spring is finally here. We want nothing more than to tuck those bulky sweaters and heavy boots far, far away in the back of our closets and embrace— with the kind of giddy rapture only spring can bring— breezy fabrics and open-toed shoes! Unfortunately, […]

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Rising To The Top Of The Pile

Looking for a new job is a process everyone dreads—the overwhelming posts on internet job boards, the frenzied cross-town sprint to make it from one interview to the next, the anxious nail-biting as you wait for that one phone call that might change your life forever. Without a doubt, though, writing a cover letter has […]

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Creativity vs. Clarity and Why E-mail Needs The Latter

  Working in the creative industries, many of us have a tendency to cling steadfastly to the notions of artistic freedom and poetic license. Originality is our thing. Rebellion, too. We want—no, need!—to pair the floral-print, full skirt with the striped boatneck top, to fill our iPods exclusively with the music of bygone eras and bands […]

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