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The Key To Keywords: Unlocking SEO and Google AdWords Success

If you want your website to reach your target audience, you’ve got to speak their language. That means finding those exact phrases and words that help users key into your brand. We’re talking about keywords. What exactly is a keyword? We’re glad you asked. In the simplest terms, a keyword is the word or phrase […]

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Using Google’s Keyword Tool

Last week, we discussed the importance of writing SEO content for the web and left you with a clue to this week’s topic – understanding the full power of Google’s Keyword Tool. While it’s often used in conjunction with AdWords to target paid campaigns, the tool can improve your SEO efforts by gauging traffic for the words […]

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Writing SEO Content Without Sounding Like A Robot

So you’ve persuaded your boss that your company should have a blog. That’s great! You sold them on the benefits of reaching new audiences, attracting potential customers with interesting entries and the potential SEO boost. Now you just have to write it. Great. Content may be king in the land of the web, but without a careful […]

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