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Surrounded By Marketing: The 360 Degree Campaign

You know how sometimes it feels like a brand is just everywhere? Maybe you see a poster in the subway for a new pair of jeans; then when you get on the train and open your free Time Out New York, you see an ad for them; then as you scroll through your Facebook news […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of The Post-Mortem Meeting

When the last hashtags are tweeted and the final tickets are sold, it is finally time to say to goodbye to that big project that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Right? Wrong. One of the most important steps in the lifecycle of a campaign or project is the post-mortem meeting. If the term […]

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10 Quotes We Love About Advertising

Here at The Pekoe Group, we are totally passionate about building brands, implementing strategy, getting creative, and constantly learning to make exciting campaigns that reach audiences. In other words: We. love. advertising. But we’re not the only ones. From Thomas Jefferson to David Ogilvy, here are a few people that put into words the awesomeness […]

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