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Hot Town, Summer Fridays in the City

When the summer sun shines down on 3pm, sitting inside at a desk just doesn’t feel right. So we do what any sensible advertising and marketing agency in New York City would do: we invoke our right to Summer Fridays! We hope you’re able to embrace that #FridayFeeling early these next few months. Here are a […]

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TPIF! – Thank Pekoe It’s Friday!

It’s official! The Pekoe Group drank the kool-aid of New York City’s greatest tradition: Summer Fridays. We’re a pretty fun bunch during the work day, don’t get us wrong, we have a good time. But when that sun starts a-shinin’ we, in the marketing and advertising business, get that restless itch– scratched so luxuriously by our forefathers. […]

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