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Five (Fake) Tech Inventions That Could (Truly) Change Broadway

What tech will dazzle the Great White Way in 2020, and beyond? We’re giving you our best $10-Times-Square-psychic predictions for the five technology breakthroughs that are going to change Broadway…as soon as they’re invented. 1) The Virtual Reality Orchestra You’re milling around the theatre before a show begins and you take a quick peek into […]

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The TPG Tool Belt:

The Pekoe Group is all about doing the best work in the best way possible. So before we totally nail a project, we hit up The TPG Tool Belt. What’s one of the tools we turn to first? Our girl Lynda! When our web developers have a question about new software or programs, Lynda’s got […]

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MixBit: Creating Videos Together

Social Media is no longer just for talking about your ideas, it’s for showing them. With apps like Vine and Instagram, creating and posting videos no longer than a few seconds has become one of the most popular ways to express yourself online. Now the original masters of video sharing, the creators of YouTube, have […]

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