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Advertisers Go for the Gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics

Make sure you’re stretched and hydrated, because the biggest athletic competition in the world is just a week away. We’re talking about the Summer Olympics! This year, 206 countries will join together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to compete in gymnastics, swimming, track and field, beach volleyball, and many more AWESOME games that promise to […]

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What Don Draper Taught Us About Advertising

As the final episode of Mad Men approaches, we are taking a moment to look back at some of the words of wisdom given to us by Sterling Cooper & Partners’ most intoxicating – and occasionally, most intoxicated – Creative Director. Here are our top five lessons in advertising from the one and only, Don Draper. 1. “Make it […]

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The Internet Surpassed TV as Primary News Source for Young Adults

Image: Salvatore Vuono / Frequently, at The Pekoe Group we get our geek on and read big fat reports about the latest world marketing trends so we can dazzle you with our intellectual prowess. Well, in our search for the latest and greatest, we found out that the PEW organization announced the interesting new […]

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