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Be Bigger Than Your Show: How Theatre Can Join The Larger Conversation

You can’t make art in a bubble. From Shakespeare to Rodgers and Hammerstein to Lin-Manuel Miranda, we dare you find a piece of theatre that doesn’t reflect the world it is living in. Go ahead: try to think of something… …see, you can’t! Life and art go hand in hand. Photo: This couldn’t be […]

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Ten Things You May Not Know About The Tony Awards

The day’s not over yet, but we already know it’s a winner! That’s because the 2016 Tony Award nominations were announced today! Congratulations to all the nominees, with a special shout-out to Eclipsed for pulling in a whopping (and much deserved) 6 nominations, including Best Play!!! #yaaasss Now that nominations are out, you’ve got exactly […]

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