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TPG’s November Theatre Guide

If you’re thankful for theatre, then this is your month! November is an Off-Broadway feast that will leave you feeling full of theatrical goodness. Here’s a quick taste of the shows that really take the turkey: New York Comedy Festival – Carly Aquilino and Jessimae Peluso What is it? These two New York-based comedians, and regulars […]

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The iPad Rocks Our Collective Socks

  If you don’t have a tablet already, you’ve probably been tempted to buy one. And why not?All the cool kids seem to have them.   By far the most popular tablet is the iPad. (There are tons of other options in the market:  the Samsung P100, the Motorola Xoom, the HP Slate 500, etc. […]

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Have No Fear, HootSuite is Here!

Juggling countless social media accounts while trying to cultivate meaningful relationships can seem an insurmountable task for any business owner or entrepreneur. In today’s rough and tumble online world, the lack of a well-maintained social network can prevent your business from working its way up the cyberspace ladder. If only there were a marketing tool […]

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