Tail! Spin! Strategy Report: The Election Day Campaign

As an advertising and marketing agency, we love a good campaign. So when Election Day arrived last November while we were working on Tail! Spin!, the hilarious comedy about the sex scandals of our political leaders, we hit the ground running. We capitalized on the fortuitous occasion by creating a strategy that would put our big ideas to work and allow us to take on the event from all angles. We got the word out about these “Erected Leaders” through print, web, and social media, and even staged a “campaigning event” on the street! By using this 360-degree approach, we were able to reach our target audience — no matter how they got their information — and create exciting buzz at a moment when politics were already on everyone’s mind.

Take a look at how we got strategically creative for Election Day by watching our Tail! Spin! Strategy Report video! Click the video below to watch!