The iPad Rocks Our Collective Socks


If you don’t have a tablet already, you’ve probably been tempted to buy one. And why not?All the cool kids seem to have them.


By far the most popular tablet is the iPad. (There are tons of other options in the market:  the Samsung P100, the Motorola Xoom, the HP Slate 500, etc. etc. But we’re an Apple kind of office, so until there’s a formidable competitor, we’ll stick with the leader of the pack.)


How is this latest addition to your ever-growing electronic arsenal going to change our lives, you wonder? Online and computer technologies are completely interwoven in modern life. Sick and tired of carrying around mountains of paper and files? A tablet can be anything that was ever printed on paper and more. Scary, huh?


If you need or want anything, it’s most likely that there’s an app for that—it’s not just a catchy tagline anymore!

  • Looking for local New York events and entertainment to check out after a long day at work? Check out the listings in the New York Magazine app.
  • Think your arms will fall off if you carry around anymore scripts? Put them all into iBooks. Hundreds of scripts can fit right into your bag and in half the space of just one script.
  • Is the New York Times your must-have morning paper? No more messy ink on your fingers! And don’t worry about folding it perfectly as you take the train in to work; you can flip through with ease and never worry about invading your fellow commuters’ personal space! (Added bonus: If you already have a print subscription, you receive a free digital subscription!)

So, whether you’re still on the fence or already a proud iPad owner, be advised: This technology is a huge jump in the way we work and the way we play.