Three TPG Birthdays March-ing to the Beat of Their Own Box!

We have been blessed with a hat-trick of birthdays this month, and when one person celebrates being born, we all win! Thrice!

The marketing department is schooling everyone with birthdays this month! Not only do we have the hottest interns in Midtown, they also have super-hot brains to match. Kelly came first, with cupcakes from Sprinkles! Then Abby, our newest intern, was backed by cookies from Little Pie Company. Because that’s how we do.

And just when you thought this month couldn’t possibly get any better, our never-ending well of creative juices, Creative Director Chris, was also delivered some (incoherent mumble) years ago. Thank you Chris, not only for the pizza (on pi day) but for killin’ it every day in the office with your ideas, the daily round of morning-kisses from Pepito, and your big clown heart.