Top Five Reasons to See Theatre in the Summer!

Sure, you can see amazing theatre all year long—this is New York City after all—but for a truly magical theatre-going experience, nothing outshines the sunny season. Here are five reasons why seeing theatre in the summer is the best!

1. Theatre Outside!

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Break free from the confines of walls and ceilings! Just because you want to see a play doesn’t mean you have to be stuck indoors. Check out some of the awesome theatre happening outside!

2. But Also… Theatre Inside!

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Let’s be real, New York summers are crazy hot and most New Yorkers will find any excuse to spend a little more time with those two beautiful letters: A & C. So why not cool off with a little culture and take in a show? Theatres are notoriously dark and cool.

 3.  See Something New!

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The summer is a great time for a new theatre to be born. Just ask these amazing shows with summer birthdays: A Chorus LineAvenue QHairsprayFiddler on the Roof42nd Street & Amazing Grace!

4. See Something Different!

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Summer is full of cool festivals (like The New York Musical Theatre Festival or the New York International Fringe Festival) and groundbreaking repertory seasons (like the Potomac Theatre Project) creating unique work full of things you’ve never seen before.

5. Embrace the Summer Heat!

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Wait for your favorite stars at the stage door sans heavy coat, get a post-show ice cream cone, or take a stroll through Times Square and enjoy all those theatre billboards!