The TPG Tool Belt: Sprout Social

Building a social media campaign? We’ve got the perfect tool.

We love social media. And we do a lot of it. So trust us when we say that to get your ideas in full bloom, it’s best to start with a sprout. We’re talkin’ Sprout Social, folks – a social media management system that does exactly that: it manages your system.

Here are three reasons why it’s awesome:

1.     It’s easy to use.

With user experience design that is simple, clean, and easy to understand, all you need to worry about is perfecting the ultimate hashtag.

2.     You can tweet and run.

Don’t spend hours waiting around a computer to send a tweet. Sprout Social allows you to schedule all your posts for multiple accounts in advance. #liveyalife

3.     Analyze this.

Find out who your posts are clicking with – literally – with detailed, presentation-ready reports that tell you more about your followers, your posts, and even your response rates.

When it comes to sharing ideas with the world, social media matters. So do it right. Check out Sprout Social for yourself with their 30-day free trial and your campaigns will be blooming in no time!