TPG’s Favorite Ads of the Summer

We are always on the lookout for the coolest way to tell a story. Whether it’s for a Broadway show or men’s razors, we like to keep our eyes on what’s happening in the world of marketing and advertising. Here are a few ads that caught our attention this summer:

 1.     A Big Idea. A Tiny Billboard

(Photo via

To celebrate the release of Ant-Man (the new movie about a superhero who can shrink to the size of, you guessed it, an ant), Marvel put up these tiny billboards – perfect for actual ants, ant-sized superheroes, and human-sized laughs.

2.     Jet Blue Buys The World A Coke

In this beautiful promotional stunt, Jet Blue and Coca-Cola bring some humanity to Penn Station when they place a coke machine that gives out two sodas for the price of one to see who will share with a stranger. Talk about engaging an audience.

3.    Enjoy A Sport’s Drink Like A Boss

(Photo via Adweek)

In their “Find Your Flow” campaign, one sip of U.K. sports drink Lucozade takes everyday people and everyday life from blasé to baller. It’s pretty awesome.

4.     The Perfect Mattress For Everyone

If you rode the subway at all this summer you’ve seen these Casper Mattress ads, and we bet that you can relate to at least one of them. Whether you’re a local, an insomniac, a political animal, or simply a subway-rider: this is the mattress for you. After all, we’ve all gotta sleep.

5.     An Old Dog With Some New Tricks

Ever feel like an ad is following you around? Here is one that actually does (and we aren’t talking about a targeted web banner). To promote pet adoption for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, a chip was placed in flyers that allowed a dog to follow people from one digital screen to the next in a London mall.

6.    A Shave Close To The Heart

In this unique documentary-style ad for Israeli pharmacy Super Pharm’s M6 razors, a man surprises his family by shaving off the beard he has had for the past 14 years. It does what “Moment Marketing” does best: capturing life’s most significant and heart-warming moments. We dare you to watch this ad and not smile.