TPG’s Winter Theatre Guide

It’s getting cold out there… but the theatre is heating up! Stay warm this January and February with these hot tickets:

C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters      


Now-January 24

What is it?

C.S. Lewis is back. Fellowship for Performing Arts is keeping their incredible New York season going with this live adaptation of the C.S. Lewis classic novel about spiritual warfare from a demon’s point of view.

Why is it a must see?

This nationwide hit is funny, provocative, and smart: in the words of The Wall Street Journal, it’s “wickedly witty!”

Dog Days


January 9-11

What is it?

Forget what Florence + The Machine says, the dog days are not over: they are just getting starting with this groundbreaking new musical based on the short story by Judy Budnitz.

Why is it a must see?

This contemporary new musical uses opera, musical theatre, and rock-infused concert music to create a completely original and exciting theatrical experience.

Circus Now


January 14-16

What is it?

Not only is this circus like you’ve never seen, it’s different every night! Companies from around the world collaborate to blow your mind for three nights at NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts!

Why is it a must see?

It was sold out last year. It pushes the boundaries of one of the coolest art forms ever: trust us, you’re going to want to see this.

Women Without Men


January 30-March 26

What is it?
The staff at an all-girl’s boarding school feels the friction in the American premiere of this witty Hazel Ellis show, brought back to life after 77 years by Mint Theater Company.

Why is it a must see?
With just a glimpse at their rehearsal process, we can already tell the Mint’s got another classic on their hands.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show


January 30-March 27

What is it?

Ever hear of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle? Well, this classic children’s book has sold over 41 million copies worldwide, so we’ll assume your answer is yes. This show is everything you loved about the book, brought to life on stage.

Why is it a must see?

Kids of all ages are invited: and we mean ALL ages! No matter if you are just born (lap seating is available) or you have loved Eric Carle for years, this theatrical experience shares 4 timeless stories told through 75 magical puppets!

Martin Luther On Trial


February 4-14

What is it?

Fellowship for Performing Arts has already won over audiences by brilliantly interpreting C.S. Lewis’ work. Now, they’ll win you over with this original production that brings the controversial story of Martin Luther front and center.

Why is it a must see?

Martin Luther, the Pope, C.S. Lewis, Freud, Hitler… all on the same stage? This is the stuff that great drama is made of.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live!


February 6-7

What is it?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood favorite is taking you on an interactive musical adventure through the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with friends galore!

Why is it a must see?

If the adorably fun and friendly Daniel Tiger doesn’t warm your heart this winter, we don’t know what will.

Tao: Drumheart


February 11-14

What is it?

Traditional Japanese drumming with awesome modern movement that just so happened to sell out at their world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Why is it a must see?

Tao’s drumming is described as “explosive” and their choreography as “innovative.” Those are some seriously exciting adjectives for a seriously exciting show!

Twelfth Night


February 16-20

What is it?

Filter Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company put a new spin on this Willy Shakes’ play, making it more accessible, creative, and fun than ever before.

Why is it a must see?

When a Shakespeare play feels more like being at a rock concert than a piece of classical theatre, you should probably check it out.

C.S. Lewis Onstage: The Most Reluctant Convert


February 18-21

What is it?

Turns out the man who gave us incredible stories like The Chronicles of NarniaThe Great Divorce, and The Screwtape Letters has quite a story of his own.

Why is it a must see?

Fellowship for Performing Arts Artistic Director Max McLean gives you the opportunity to literally spend an evening with the thought-provoking theologian C.S. Lewis: sounds like a night well spent to us.



Performances begin February 23

What is it?

It’s the Public Theater’s sold-out hit written by The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira, starring Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, and now it’s coming to Broadway.

Why is it a must see?

It is written by, directed by, and starring a handful of seriously brilliant, crazy talented African women and together they will tell you a funny, poignant, inspiring story about five extraordinary Liberian women.