A Webseries Worth Making Much Ado Over

If you think Shakespeare in the Park ups the drama, you should see what happens when you put the work of our greatest playwright in summer camp. Trust us, this is the outdoor Shakespear-ience you’ve been waiting for. It’s a new, original webseries called A Bit Much, inspired by William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Did we mention it is written and directed by the brilliant Colleen Scriven from our digital team? Oh, and she stars in it, too! #whoruntheworld

Set at Camp Messina, the 16th-century lords and ladies are upgraded to counselors and campers in 2014, with all the rich plot points from good ol’ Bill Shakespeare and tons of new laughs.

Check out campmessina.com to watch episodes now! (And don’t stop after just one – Colleen makes her first appearance in Episode 2)

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