Why Facebook Ads are a Marketer’s BFF

Both Google and Facebook offer different kinds of ad campaigns, but the beauty of a Facebook advertisement is the amount of meta data you have to work with.

—Meta data is all that information you share with Facebook and what makes it so easy for your friends to find you. i.e. Your favorite interests, age, school you attended, etc. —

Some may say all the information we volunteer to “Big Brother” makes our world a scary place, but really all it does is help you get the information you want to hear! Why would you want to live in a world that doesn’t fit you?

Let’s create an faux show to exemplify why Facebook Ads are your new best friend: The new Broadway musical The Pekoe Group Takes Manhattan is about an 80s punk band who sings and dances their way into the scene and headlines CBGB in its prime. What can we infer about our audience? Young punk rock fans want to see it! But however do we reach them??

Facebook Ads make it possible! With a click here and the right targeting words there, you can actually find those fans. Your advertisement for The Pekoe Group Takes Manhattan will only be shown to the exact patrons you’re looking for. That is why Facebook Ads can do something Google still can’t. In a Google Ad you’ll never know exactly who is looking at your advertisement, but with Facebook you can rest easy. Your ad will only be shown to the Ramones-loving, ripped-jeans wearing, piercing-fanatics that you know want to see your show.