Writing SEO Content Without Sounding Like A Robot

So you’ve persuaded your boss that your company should have a blog. That’s great! You sold them on the benefits of reaching new audiences, attracting potential customers with interesting entries and the potential SEO boost. Now you just have to write it. Great.

Content may be king in the land of the web, but without a careful ratio of keywords, it won’t attract many readers, help you reach new audiences or give you that SEO boost you were hoping for. Suppose you’re writing a blog about theatrical marketing – like this one – and you’ve decided to aim for a 3-7% keyword density. For every 100 words, you’d want to mention one of your keywords 3-7 times. But how do you do that without sounding like a robot? Here’s an example:

Starting a campaign for a new show is an exciting process. Part of what makes theatre such an interesting field to work in is that each production presents unique challenges to overcome, whether it’s  identifying new target audiences or repositioning a show that’s underperforming. While Broadway productions often have large advertising budgets to work with, shows at Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway venues tend to  rely more on grassroots marketing, cultural outreach and cross-promotions.

Sounds easy, right?

Google’s Keyword Tool is a great resource to pinpoint the best keywords for your company, but we’ll discuss that more thoroughly next week.