You Say Potato, We Say Potatopia!

This week TPG experienced the heaven that is a Potatopia-catered lunch when our new favorite staff member, Betty Ho from our digital media team, won a free lunch from the Greenwich Village spot and selflessly shared her winnings with us!

What’s Potatopia, you ask? Um, only the best potato-centric restaurant in NYC! You pick your potato (curly fries, sweet potato fries, mashed, au gratin, baked– you get the idea) and dress it up with delicious veggies, choices of cheese and meat, and sauces (chipotle ketchup, let’s never be apart again), and dig in!

No longer just a side dish, Potatopia finally gives the potato the respect it deserves. And let’s be real, we all know potatoes are the best part of a meal.

Thanks to Potatopia for being the stuff that dreams are made of and thanks to Betty for being a winner (in every sense of the word)!