Avenue Q Holiday “Q-ule” Log




How did this idea even come about? We don’t remember exactly. We had a very excellent working relationship with the cast of Avenue Q. Over the years we created so much content with them and promoted the content they made as well. It was a blast.

So how did the Q-ule Log idea happen? It was one of those magic ideas that pops up when creative people are enjoying their collaboration. We wanted the show to be top of mind for the holidays, so instead of just running ads we made hilarious holiday-themed content. We did it for many years. The Q-ule Log is a typical Yule Log video featuring an idyllic fireplace with a crackling fire. But in our Avenue Q version, the characters and the puppets cross the screen with numerous sight gags, bits, and general silliness. To create the video, we set up a green screen and just allowed the actors to play. Some of the bits were scripted and planned, but many were improvised and born in the moment.

If you are looking for something to play in the background of your next holiday party, this Q-ule Log video will make the season bright.