Avenue Q April Fools’ Day Prank




In the spring of 2016, we wanted to bring Avenue Q’s fun-loving and unique voice to the Broadway community. April Fools’ Day seemed like a perfect match for the playful spirit of Avenue Q, so as part of this campaign we crafted a classic prank.

We designed “At this Performance” slips, announcing that the puppets of Avenue Q would be filling in as understudies for starring roles across Broadway shows such as Hamilton, Waitress, and School of Rock. 

We then took photos of the slips and posted them across the show’s social media. We hoped to inspire a fond chuckle for anyone who already knew Avenue Q, and to spark curiosity for anyone who didn’t. It was pretty funny how well some of the characters matched up! We were pleased to know that the joke was well received: BroadwayWorld even covered the stunt in a news story!