SIX The Musical BroadwayCon Takeover




BroadwayCon is a weekend-long event that happens in NYC every year, as the Broadway version of ComicCon.

In the lead up to SIX beginning performances on Broadway in February of 2020, we utilized this opportunity to celebrate all of the long-time SIX fans who were an integral part of the show’s journey to Broadway, and to welcome new fans into the Queendom with open arms.

Everything was over the top – a First Look performance by the Broadway Queens, a booth with exclusive SIX photo ops and takeaways, a dance workshop, a creative panel with Toby Marlow & Lucy Moss, and even a sing-along led by the Broadway Queens.

The SIX sing-along saw the largest attendance of any BroadwayCon event to date, with many fans showing up in cosplay and donning the paper crowns that we distributed upon arrival at the event.

In the days following the events, the show’s presence at BroadwayCon was written and tweeted about by The New York Times – a great example of how a marketing moment can be so powerful, the momentum can continue long after the events are over! PARTNER: BROADWAYCON