The Ghosts of Halloweens Past: The Pekoe Group’s Favorite Costumes

Everybody knows one of the best parts of Halloween is getting all dressed up. It’s a killer tradition that started way back in the day when Irish Celts believed that the spirit world could cross over into our world on the night of October 31st. To protect themselves from all that paranormal activity, they wore disguises.

Ok, so this may or may not be just a bunch of hocus pocus. But regardless, we still do it to this day because, well, it’s awesome!

This week, we took a haunting trip down memory lane to revisit some of our favorite Halloween costumes. Let’s do the time warp, shall we?

Here is JENNY (Digital Media Manager) singing some midnight memories as a cat. #roar


JASON (Design Manager) was the fiercest (and most adorable) dragon ever.


JESSICA (Marketing Director) knows there is no crying in baseball. Here she is in full-on A League of Their Own garb.


NOAH (Digital Team) let his superfan flag fly as a wizard. We would expect nothing less.


Here’s KATHRYN (Media Planner) as Cruella De Vil. If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. Shout-out to her sister, one of the 101 dalmatians.


SAMMY (Social Media Associate) filled some pretty big shoes as a clown.


BRIANA (Designer) vants to suck your bloooddd as the youngest in a family of vampires.


Cowabunga! Check out RYAN (Video Editor) as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael.


MARA (Content Director) first learned to whistle while she worked as Snow White.


CHRIS (Creative Director) is pure Napoleon dynamite!


AMANDA (CEO) crossed enemy borders as both a Russian cadet, and Napoleon’s date.


LIZZY (Marketing Associate) hit us with her best shot as the 1980s. Like totally rad.


COREY (Marketing Associate) took his own spin on Casper, the friendly/pensive ghost in this school pic with his twin sister, an adorable cabbage patch kid:


What are you going to be this year? If you don’t know yet (gasp!), and these weren’t enough to inspire you, check out some more of our Halloween suggestions from a couple spooky seasons back.