Going For The Orange! The Pekoe Group’s Olympic Teamwork

Can you stand (or ski) it?! The 2018 Winter Olympic Games kick off in PyeongChang tomorrow, February 9th!

Here at The Pekoe Group, we’re getting in the Olympic spirit by studying up on the history of the games, rewatching the BEST ads from the 2016 Summer Games, and, as always, coming together as a team.

How do we practice teamwork? With a little healthy competition, of course!

Check out some of our favorite ways to show our competitive streak:


Flag Football:

There’s no better place than Central Park to enjoy a crisp, autumn day.


Slingshot Club:

Hitting every target at Slingshot Club.


Ice Skating in Bryant Park:

See the full video from our holiday ice skating excursion here!



Remember: excessive spinning is illegal according to the official rules.


Early Morning Batting Practice:

We’ll just be over here daydreaming of those beautiful summer days.



Brittany wins the point with a perfect ace.


Phew! We’re ready to join Team USA.

Enjoy the Olympics and we’ll catch you on the other side (of the finish line).