Get Your Broadway On This Halloween 🎃

Halloween and theatre are a perfect match.

Dramatic lighting? Check.

Great snacks? Check.

And, most importantly, the costumes! Check, check, and check.

Don’t have a costume yet? We have you covered. Keep reading for some of our favorite DIY costumes to wow all your thespian friends:

Elphaba from Wicked:

She’s so much more than just a witch – she’s THE “Wicked Witch of the West.”

  • Black witch hat
  • Green face makeup
  • Braid a long black wig


Roxy from Chicago:

Turns out, it only takes a few accessories to be “All That Jazz.”

  • Sparkly flapper dress
  • Short blonde wig
  • Fishnet tights
  • Fierce red lipstick


Aaron Burr from Hamilton:

…because being Alexander is so 2016.

  • White buttoned vest
  • Navy peacoat
  • Knee-high black boots


Evan Hansen from Dear Evan Hansen:

We know what Kevin’s costume will be this year.

  • Khaki pants
  • Blue striped polo shirt
  • DIY fake cast (click here for instructions!)


Jenna from Waitress:

Walk around with a real pie and you’ll be the hit of the night.

  • Blue dress with sleeves
  • White apron
  • A notepad that reads “Sugar, Butter, Flour…”


Dolly from Hello Dolly:

This one takes commitment. If you can nail a perfect Dolly costume, you will be the HalloQueen.

  • Fabulous red dress
  • White elbow-length gloves
  • Diamond necklace
  • Red feather headpiece
  • A group of butlers following you in red jackets (group costume opportunity!)

This Halloween, dress fabulously, party ‘til dawn, and spend the night with your favorite (cast and) crew.