TPIF! – Thank Pekoe It’s Friday!

It’s official! The Pekoe Group drank the kool-aid of New York City’s greatest tradition: Summer Fridays. We’re a pretty fun bunch during the work day, don’t get us wrong, we have a good time. But when that sun starts a-shinin’ we, in the marketing and advertising business, get that restless itch– scratched so luxuriously by our forefathers.

Legend has it that Summer Fridays began in the 50s and 60s amongst those companies in the advertising or publishing trade, specifically lining Madison Ave. Productivity rapidly declined in the summer months due to the essential human need to… relax. (That’s just science.) And thus Summer Fridays were born!

Now, every Friday from Memorial Day (Bless our Troops) to Labor Day (Bless our Unions) we will leave the office, heads held high, at “freedom-hour” 3 o’clock!

NYC ya on Monday!