Seven Reasons Halloween is a Real Treat

Halloween is just a few days away and we couldn’t be more excited!


Here are the top seven reasons that this holiday meant for celebrating the dead makes us feel truly alive:

1. Candy


It’s that wonderful time of year where it’s socially acceptable to buy a huge bag of candy and eat it all that night.

2. Scary Movies


Whether you’re into straight up horror flicks or are looking for more of a “family friendly” scare, it’s a great time to curl up with that huge bag of candy and binge watch creepy movies!

3. Getting Dressed Up


What’s your Halloween costume this year? Are you going with something classic like a vampire or witch or are you thinking something a little more topical, like Pizza Rat?

4. Spooky Songs


“Thriller”… on repeat. And a little “Monster Mash” too, please.

5. Carving Pumpkins


Light ’em up! Nothing says Halloween like carving your masterpiece into a pumpkin. (And then toasting the seeds, of course.)

6. Haunted Houses


You can literally pay someone to let you into a sinister-looking house and jump out at you and terrify you. How fun is that?

7. Halloween Parties


Put all these spooktacular things together and what do you get? A party!

Happy Halloween! Here’s to a night of many treats and a few fun tricks!