Four Ways Theatre Lovers Can Celebrate the Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday, America! Here is The Pekoe Group’s guide to celebrating Independence Day like a true theatre lover:

1. Watch 1776, the 1969 musical about the signing of the Declaration of Independence! Click to watch the song “Sit Down, John”  from the 1972 movie version. BONUS: Mr. Feeny is John Adams!

2. “Look at the fireworks fly! Light up the night sky…” Sing “Blackout” from In The Heights while you watch fireworks! Listen to the song here!

3. See a President on stage! LBJ may no longer be on Broadway, and The Clintons aren’t quite here yet, but here are two presidential performances to tide you over!

Watch this clip of Will Ferrell as George W. Bush in You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush. 

Or this one of Benjamin Walker as Andrew Jackson in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!

4. Cool off and adapt Frozen for the stage. We all know it’s coming, so why not get a jump start on staging this epic Disney production? Watch a snowman handle the heat “In Summer.”

…Ok, here’s “Let It Go,” too because Idina!

Happy Fourth of July!