It’s Tony Time!

Forget dads and grads, for us theatre folk June can only mean one thing: The Tony Awards! So break out your tuxes and gowns (or your Phantom of the Opera half-masks and Wicked witch hats) and get your party preparations in order ‘cause in less than a week, the Wolverine from Oz himself (Hugh Jackman) is back to host this star-studded event.

Speaking of stars (and studs), a few of us at TPG will be there to mix it up with the biggest and brightest of Broadway… you jelly? Don’t worry, we’ll take tons of pics!

But whether you will be at Radio City Music Hall or at home filling out your ballot (get yours at, take a moment this Sunday to celebrate the season that was. Bryan Cranston went from Breaking Bad to breaking a leg, Carole King made us feel BeautifulAladdin rubbed everyone the right way, and stages were filled with killer performances from the likes of Sutton Foster (do you think she will wear violet?), current Cabaret Emcee Alan Cumming, former Tony Awards emcee Neil Patrick Harris, and the name that no one in this crowd would ever dare mispronounce: Idina Menzel.