MixBit: Creating Videos Together

Social Media is no longer just for talking about your ideas, it’s for showing them. With apps like Vine and Instagram, creating and posting videos no longer than a few seconds has become one of the most popular ways to express yourself online. Now the original masters of video sharing, the creators of YouTube, have come up with an app of their own. It’s called MixBit and it has a couple of pretty cool elements that will make it stand out from the competition.

With Instagram, you only get 15 seconds to share your artistic brilliance and the Twitter-owned app, Vine, cuts that limit down to a challenging 6 seconds. MixBit allows you to upload up to 256 15-second clips and then use the app’s advanced editing tools to put them all together and create your own 68-minute movie! You can even include preexisting online videos or clips that other people have made.

In fact, using clips from other users is exactly what MixBit is all about. Just check out their tag line, it sums up their philosophy: “create videos together.” Users are seen as a part of an online community who collaborate to create really great videos. And unlike anywhere else in video sharing, all clips are anonymous. As YouTube itself has proven, anyone with Internet access is ready and willing to become your biggest critic. With MixBit everyone can feel free to share without fear of being judged. It’s Social Media doing what it does best: creating connection.

Let’s make some videos together!