Superfan Alert: The Pekoe Group Geeks Out

It’s a big day for Potter fans: Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic starts performances tonight! This hilarious new comedy follows the B-side story of the Puffs as they stumble through the most epic years in the history of the world of wizards . . . and it’s unleashed full-blown Potter-fever in our office.

It also got us thinking… what else do we geek out about?

As you might expect, we’re all big theatre nerds. The name Heather Headley can elicit an audible gasp around here and, thanks to Rent, we can all tell you (in song) exactly how many minutes are in a year.

But our fangirling extends beyond the stage. From Middle-earth to a galaxy far, far away, we’ve uncovered some major superfans beneath our Pekoe hoodies.

Here are a few other things that make us scream, Beatlemania-style:

>>Harry Potter


Let’s start by addressing the hippogriff in the room: we love Harry Potter! A few of us slightly more than others…

Here’s Content Director (and proud Ravenclaw) Mara working on her favorite spell: BRUNCHIFY!


But none of us feel the (goblet of) FIYAH quite like our very own digital wizard (and proud Hufflepuff) Noah. He worked with and started the podcast Alohomora!


When asked about playing in the 2013 Quidditch World Cup, he said, “There’s no joy quite like running around with a broom between your legs.”

>>Star Wars


The force is strong with Video Editor Ryan. Star Wars is the first movie he remembers seeing as kid, and he’s been digging the galaxy ever since.


>>The Lord of the Rings


If theatrical advertising was a bigger deal in the shire, Amanda would totally move there.


>>Star Trek


Bryna in our billing department loves Star Trek so much, she has been ranked the #1 trivia geek in New York and New Jersey on the QuizUp app . . . more than once. #LiveLongAndProsper

>>Jane Austen


Media Planner Kathryn swoons for some Jane Austen. She’s read all her books numerous times, and loves all movies and stories based on her and her work.



Where to begin… Designer Briana never missed a live episode of Lost, she has tons of memorabilia, multiple Lost-related tattoos, and has traveled the world seeing the Lost sites. But for her it really comes down to the numbers:

  • 4 – Individual flights it took me to get to Lost 2014 in Hawaii.
  • 8 – Number of friends I met at Lost 2014 in Hawaii. We met the first day of the event and never separated. Following that weekend, we have constantly stayed in touch, Skype almost every weekend, and have had two reunion trips since.
  • 15 – The age I was when I named my dog Sawyer.
  • 16 – The amount of cast members/show creators I’ve met.
  • 23 – The birthday my friends surprised me with a Lost-themed cake.
  • 42 – Minutes spent to complete my failsafe key tattoo.

And if you don’t know what these number mean, you really need to watch the show. Seriously, LOST IS SO GOOD.


>>Stranger Things


Digital Media Manager Jenny is all about Stranger Things: “Eleven is all of us. Totally lost, but still has her priorities straight.” We are considering changing her business cards to look like this…


>>Gilmore Girls


Marketing Associate Lizzy LOVES Gilmore Girls! Lauren Graham was the first woman to make her want to do comedy and when she got engaged, her fiancé literally mentioned Gilmore Girls… (#TrueLove) Luckily, we can all return to Stars Hollow on November 25 thanks to Netflix!



What turns Marketing Director Jessica into a superfan? DISNEY!!!!


>>The Walking Dead


Design Manager Jason is way into both the show and the comics. And to be clear, NOT Fear the Walking Dead, kthnxbye.



Several of us (cough, cough, Jason, Mara) wish we could enroll in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. I mean, who doesn’t love Hugh Jackman…

>>German Shepherds


Rachael in our media department not only has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to German Shepherds, she follows several Facebook groups related to these four-legged friends. You know, like you do.

>>Warby Parker


Social Media Associate Sammy LOVES his Warby Parkers. He switches out his five pairs on the regular:




Creative Director Chris gets pretty into his camping gear. He’s even been known to set up a tent in the office…13920590_10209476133047689_6443349833662275066_n



Finally, someone admits what we were all thinking: Wine! Well, wine tasting. Marketing Associate Corey is always up for finding a good winery (in Australia, Hawaii, California, New Zealand, New York…) and tasting those tannins!


Whatever you’re into, we hope you love it with everything you’ve got! And if, like us, you’ve got a passion for Potter, check out Puffs at The Elektra Theatre!