To Post or Not to Post: The Small Business Social Media Question.

In today’s world where the lightning fast development of technology continues to revolutionize our everyday lives, the online relationships we establish via social media have become just as important as the in-person relationships we maintain on a daily basis.  As social media makes the headlong move from the personal to the professional realm, a streamlined and selective approach to using these online tools is essential to distinguishing yourself as an informed user in a sea of social media abusers. 

Think before you post

Nowadays, everyone from your 12-year-old neighbor to the CEO of your company has a Facebook and/or Twitter account, so be mindful of those photos you post in your Facebook photo albums and don’t use your Monday morning tweets to recount tales of your crazy weekend antics. LinkedIn is specifically designed as a social network for professionals, which means inundating your profile with streams of tweets about your amazing vacation in Cabo may be seen as a serious faux pas by any current or potential employers in your network.

Limit your social media share

Meet TweetDeck, a personal browser connecting users with contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more. While a platform such as this can be a helpful tool for organizing and scheduling social media posts, many people use TweetDeck and similar social media dashboards to update tweets and Facebook statuses at the same time, which typically leads to the dreaded “master blaster” effect. It is considered common practice to post on Twitter 20 times over the course of a day, but you may become the target of a Facebook unfriending rampage if you bombard your friends with status updates, photos and links more than 4-5 times a day.