TPG’s Second Annual ThanksGIFing!

This time tomorrow, families and friends across the country will gather for the ultimate feast of feasts: Thanksgiving! To celebrate, we’re embracing an attitude of gratitude and GIFing thanks with Charlie Brown and the gang. Here are 7 reasons we love this delicious holiday:

1. The Food!


This is the meal we’ve literally been waiting for all year: sides galore, potatoes in all forms, and our hero, the turkey.

2. Mmmm… Dessert…


Remember to leave room for dessert; this is the day that pies show what they can really do.

3. Friends and Family


Spending the day with people you love can make your heart just as full as your stomach.

4. The Parade!


New York City proves once again how amazing it is by taking Turkey Day to the next level with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

5. Black Friday/Cyber Monday


Let the holiday shopping begin!

6. Leftovers


It’s the meal that keeps on giving. Turkey sandwiches for days!

7. Taking a Moment to Be Thankful


A holiday that is all about giving thanks? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Happy Thanksgiving!